3 Essential SEO Tips for Video Content
01 May 2017

3 Essential SEO Tips for Video Content

While search engines have advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, they still aren’t able to ‘watch’ a video and understand what it is about. As such it falls to you to make sure that any video content you publish is optimized so that search engines can list it accordingly.

It should be noted that optimizing video content will vary slightly depending on whether it is self-hosted or published on YouTube – but these 3 essential tips apply in both situations:

  • Place keywords naturally in the title
    The title that you choose should let viewers know what your video is about and convince them to watch it. However it should also naturally include keywords for terms that are relevant to your video. One keyword per title is more than enough however, as you don’t want to ‘stuff’ it.

  • Make full use of the description and tags 
    On YouTube and most other video platforms you will be able to add a fairly lengthy description – and you should take advantage of that to describe your video and include any relevant links. Pay close attention to what appears above the fold though. Additionally, the tags can contain secondary keywords that you may want your video to rank on. Naturally for self-hosted videos you will be able to include any description you require, sans limitations.

  • Build backlinks and channel traffic
    For self-hosted videos, more backlinks to the webpage will give the video additional SEO juice. On the other hand for YouTube and many other platforms – more views will give it increased relevancy. In both cases, building backlinks and channeling traffic to your videos is going to help its SEO.

In addition to optimizing its SEO, you will also want to make sure your video is displayed properly by optimizing its format and video settings. That can be done quite easily by enlisting the help of Movavi Video Converter to perform any type of video conversion that you may require.

Essentially Movavi Video Converter will let you convert your video to any format in just a few clicks, and has presets that support most video sharing platforms as well as mobile devices. On top of that it can also help you to trim unwanted footage, merge clips together, improve its quality, create animated GIFs, extract audio tracks, grab screenshots, and much more.

Depending on whether you are self-hosting or publishing your video on a particular platform, you can easily use Movavi Video Converter to switch it into the appropriate format. In fact you could even create several different versions of your video in various formats that may be helpful when self-hosting – just so that you don’t run into issues involving compatibility.

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