Webfuel Social Media Platform PRO Price Reductions
30 November 2016

Webfuel Social Media Platform PRO Price Reductions

We are today reducing the price of our social media platform PRO subscription by over 20%, from £8.99 per month to £6.99 per month. Better still we have introduced an annual subscription option of £69.99 a year which gives you another 20% discount, making a massive 40% discount from our previous prices.

All existing clients have been automatically moved onto the new monthly plan and can upgrade to the cheaper annual plan from their dashboard.

As always you can access the standard features of our social media platform entirely for FREE, you can now also have a free 7-day trial of all PRO features (just apply from your dashboard). 

Our social media platform simplifies and streamlines the job of posting content to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Using the platform you can:

  • Write a post once and automatically post across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Design visual posts that incorporate images and text using our visual composer
  • Write several posts in one sitting and schedule posts to got out at a specified date/time
  • Easily find content relevant to your business or products to repost/retweet by searching relevant social media channels

To signup, or login to your existing account, simply navigate to http://social.webfuel.com 


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