Webfuel Cloud Server Hosting
08 December 2015

Webfuel Cloud Server Hosting

We don't just host websites. We can also provide fully managed virtual server hosting with servers running either Linux or Windows Server. All our server hosting packages come with support and advice to help you make the leap into the cloud.

It can be daunting moving from a traditional physical hosting arrangement into a cloud based hosting solution. We know, we've been there. But the benefits are staggering. Cloud based virtual hosting provides cost savings and flexibility that traditional hosting providers can't even come close to.

The benefits of moving to a fully scalable and virtualised platform start with the simple economics of only paying for what you use. If you choose a physical leased server you need to make a choice, how much RAM, how much CPU, how much storage. Once you have made that choice you are pretty much stuck with it. You can of course migrate to a new server, but that is a massive undertaking, often requiring physically copying across sites and configuration, and worse still changing clients DNS records to repoint to a new IP address.

With virtual hosting you simply ask us to allocate you a new core. The server CPU, RAM and disc space spins up or down on demand. We can provide both Linux and Windows virtual servers in a range of configurations from 1 core up to a massive 16 cores, and from 1.75GB of RAM up to an incredible 110GB of RAM. Better still you can scale your usage up and down each month as your businesss needs change.

If you have a legacy on-premises application, or are paying over the odds for traditional physical server leasing then it is really time to look into just how much money you could save, and how much flexibility you could add, by moving to a cloud based, fully scalable, virtual server solution.

If you think a virtual cloud based managed hosting solution may be for you please give us a call to discuss your specific needs. We are more than happy to look into tailoring our packages to meet the specific needs of any client.


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