Webfuel GDPR Statement
24 May 2018

Webfuel GDPR Statement

GDPR is finally here!

If you are an existing Webfuel client please take some time to familiarise yourself with our GDPR Compliance Statement.

If you are an existing Webfuel customer and your organisation's Data Controller this statement should go some way to explaining our approach to GDPR compliance as a Data Processor and assist you with ensuring you meet your own organisation's obligations under GDPR.

Our GDPR statement does not provide specific advice on how to meet any other obligations you may have as a Data Controller and we recommend you seek expert legal opinion in relation to these questions.

That said all sites that take personal information of any form online (even via a contact form) should as a minimum be secured via an HTTPS/SSL certificate. This should now be considered a bare minimum security requirement for most sites.

If you are not yet a Webfuel client and you'd like to discuss how we can help your business be GDPR compliant, host your website in a secure ISO 270001 / ISO 27018  accredited data centre, and provide assistance with any other web related concerns - please give us a call.

If GDPR is of no interest to you whatsoever and you really just want an awesome website - we have also got you covered - 01509 852188.

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