The design of an SEO campaign
08 December 2015

The design of an SEO campaign

If you sign-up for an SEO campagin we will perform a range of monthly tasks all focused on getting your site to Google page 1 for the campaign's target keywords. The exact composition of each campaign will vary depending on the type of website, the type of keywords and what your competitors for those keywords have done to achieve their own rankings.

However there a range of standard features to any campaign, both in month one, and ongoing. This article gives a brief summary of the various aspects of a "standard" SEO campaign.

Keyword Research: We analyse a large range of keywords to find suitable niche phrase(s) to target. 

Competitor Analysis: The top 10 competitors in Google are analysed to determine their SEO strengths and weaknesses so that an SEO strategy can be targets appropriately.

Page Tests: We regularly scan your site for page issues, broken links, duplicate content, and anything else that could negatively impact SEO performance.

On-Page Optimizations: We perform on page optimization and content changes to keep ensure a site is focused accurately on the target keywords.

Tools Setup: We will ensure that Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools are setup optimally and capturing all relevant SEO data.

Article Submissions: Content articles are submitted to niche blogs and industry based websites, contaning links back to your website.

Link Analysis: Backlinks are analysed and cleaned up if necessary. Published links are checked for relevance, consistency and power.

Social Signals: Social signals counts are improved over time (Google +1s, Twitter shares, Facebook likes & shares)

Local Citations: Local business citations are created and checked to ensure Google is producing enhanced maps listings

On-going Analysis/Reporting: All campaigns come with our client SEO dashboard where you can login and see the keyword analysis and progress refreshed on a daily basis.

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