Content generation & placement
03 June 2015

Content generation & placement

As we've covered in other blog posts one of the key factors in Google's ranking algorithms is the number and quality of in-bound links. But what exactly makes a quality in-bound link, and more importantly how do you get these links to your site. This post attempts to answer these questions.

Google has a range of metrics it uses to determine the quality of the site. Most high quality sites contain a lot of regularly updating and relevant content. Other sites get credit for being widely regarded sources of authoritative technical information related to specific subjects. There are also a few sites that can get an automatic boost simple because they are on certain restricted domains (e.g. .gov or .edu sites where access to these domains is centrally regulated).

Today it is all about content. Content is king, and content generation is the way to get a back link. If you can write an article that is going to be interesting to the visitors of a certain site they may let you post that article on their website and include within it a back-link to your site. It's a win-win situation, as you get a back link and the referring site gets some free content.

The problem is which sites are likely to be receptive to this approach, who do you need to approach at that organisation, what kind of content does a certain site like to take? There is nothing magical about content creation and placement, but it does take time and effort to both create the content and build up industry knowledge and contacts to enable you to easily place that content on a relevant site.

Our SEO content generation package involves placing relevant content onto sites with a minimum DA (domain authority) of 35, and a minimum PR (page rank) of 4. These are key metrics that can be used to determine how highly Google rates a site.  You can check your own sites rankings here (, just ensure you tick the Page Rank checkbox to get a PR number for a site.

If you want to talk to Webfuel about in-bound link creation and content generation and placement please give us a call on  01509 852 188 .

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