Where Can I Get Content For My Blog?
04 October 2016

Where Can I Get Content For My Blog?

Having a blog can seem like a lot of work at times. To make it worthwhile we recommend you post at least twice a month, but ideally weekly. Posting regularly can give your website a big boost in search engine rankings.

But do you have the time or inspiration to create that much content for your blog, month-in, month-out? You should never stop creating your own content, but if you need some help keeping up the momentum of regular posts then why not let us help you out with our great value content writing service?

For just £35+vat we will write 500 words of clean, crisp, magazine quality content. We will research and write the copy ready to be dropped straight into your blog. All the copy is written by UK copywriters, we do not outsource our copywriting overseas, and we can deliver the copy within 4 business days of confirming your order. We can also write longer articles, up to 2,000 words, on request.

If you'd like to line up a few blog posts for the next few months, so you always have something to hand in case you can't find the time yourself, then we can work with large orders. Discounts are available for orders of more than 10 posts - so please call us to discuss the size of your order.

So there really is no excuse to not be getting the maximum benefit from your blog. With out great value copywriting you should be posting to your blog at least once a week, keeping it buzzing and gaining plently of SEO love.

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