Is Google telling your visitors your site is not secure?
25 July 2018

Is Google telling your visitors your site is not secure?

In 2016 Google made a pledge, to name and shame all website with unencrypted connections. They have now followed through. A few days ago Google began to show a "Not Secure" warning next to the the URL bar for all non HTTPS website.

Using unencrypted HTTP for a website has security implications even if the only personal data your site processes is a simple contact form. More and more web users are using the internet on the move. They may be in a coffee shop using their free WIFI, and if a website is not using secure HTTPS connections the WIFI provider can intercept and read all communications between your website and the visitor.

This is just one further step by Google towards encouraging "HTTPS everywhere". The Chrome browser already displays very prominant warnings on any site that attempts to take credit card details over unencrypted connections. They have also banned any non-HTTPS sites from Google Merchant Centre.

Google is the first browser manufacturer to take this step, but Firefox has also been exploring it, between the two they control almost 75% of the browser market.

The web has plenty of dangers and widerspread adoption of HTTPS is one way to help protect users private information. If your website is currently using unencrypted HTTP and you want help making it secure please give us a call.

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