5 ways to get more customers to your ecommerce website
19 September 2016

5 ways to get more customers to your ecommerce website

There is loads of advice online when it comes to making more sales from your ecommerce website. The biggest mistake any budding web entrepreneur can make is to assume that just by putting a site online you will gain visitors and make sales.

In many respects opening an ecommerce website is no different to opening a physical shop. You have to let people know the new site exists, and you have to convince them to take the time to visit it. Having the most amazing looking website on the planet won't help you at all if no one ever sees it!

There are some simple ways any website can increase the amount of traffic it receives. Here we go...

1. Organic SEO

SEO is a subject we could discuss all day, but at the very least you should make sure you are getting the simple things right. If you're not sure how to properly SEO a website then hire someone to do it for you. A small investment in SEO work can pay off in a large increase in sales. As a starting point, ask for a free SEO healthcheck, which many SEO companies offer (ourselves included).

2. Offer Discounts

Everyone likes a bargain right? So offer discounts to new and existing customers alike. If your ecommerce store doesn't support discount codes of various types they you are missing a valuable source of new and repeat business.

3. Encourage Shares

Before you offer an existing customer a discount why not ask for something in return? Ask them to like and share your website on their own social media. It takes a bit more effort on your part as you have to check they really have shared your website, but the payoff can be huge. For every sale you make you can end up with a few social signals to encourage others to come and see your website.

4. Go Social

This is an easy one. You should be working the social media channels as much as you can. There really is no excuse not to. Social media is a great way of getting your message out to a wider audience and building a buzz around your site and brand. One thing to bear in mind, not all social media work needs to be sell, sell, sell. You just need to keep your site and brand in peoples minds. The best thing you can do is get talking to your potential customers. Find out what they really want, and then deliver it.

5. Offline Still Works

Yes, it can cost more money, but offline advertising is still a great way to market your online business. This is especially true if your business is local in nature. Find a niche or local magazine and put in an advert. You may be amazed how well this kind of old fashioned approach can still boost your online revenues.

We've just covered a few of the most simple and common routes to makerting a new or existing website here. By putting some time, effort and in some cases money, into these channels we know you'll see a significant improvement in your visits, and sales.

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