Webfuel Launch Keyword Finder
17 March 2016

Webfuel Launch Keyword Finder

Webfuel are proud to announce the launch of our Google Keyword Finder tool. This tool has been part of our online SEO dashboard for our SEO campaign clients for some time, but we are now opening it up for anyone to use for free.

One of the biggest problems with focusing SEO effort is lack of hard facts on which to base your decisions. Our tool allows you to enter a list of keywords you think your customers may be searching on and get back information from Google themselves on how many times per month each keyword is searched on. This is the first step in identifying valuable keyword targets for your SEO efforts. After all there is no point in putting in effort to get to page 1 for a key phrase when it is hardly ever searched on.

Once you've identified keyphrases with a reasonable amount of search volume (valuable targets) the next step is to consider how achievable getting to page 1 for these phrases is. The tool helps out there too. Firstly it gives you your current ranking for each phrase on the search engine of your choice (.co.uk, .com or any other). Secondly we analyse the current sites on page 1 for that phrase, and give you a green/amber/red ranking for keywords to indicate how achievable a page 1 ranking is.

The analysis of sites that are currently on page 1 takes into account a range of factors. Firstly their domain authority (DA) which is an industry standard metric of how authoritative the site is considered in its subject area. Secondly an analysis of how well the current site content is SEO optimised for the keyphrase in question. Finally a measure of how many external backlinks the site has (i.e. how many links from other sites to that site). Combining all this information gives a strong indication of just how well SEO optimised a site is and therefore how achievable it will be to displace that site from its current ranking (and replace it with your own).

Overall if you consider the value of a keyphrase, and how achievable it is to improve your ranking you should be able to identify which keyphrases you should be targeting with your SEO efforts. The hidden gems here are the so called niche keyphrases which have a medium amount of traffic, but aren't being strongly targeted by other companies so are achievable (green or possibly amber).

Really popular keyphrases are likely to be strongly competative and although you would love to be ranking highly for them it's important to realise that if the sites currently on page 1 are already investing heavily in SEO you won't be able to displace them without a similar or larger investment (these are the red targets in our analysis).

With all things SEO the detailed choices really come down to individual sites, and your own specific circumstances, so you should always factor in anything unique to your own situation when looking at this data. If you have a large site with lots of content but you have never done SEO so you have few external backlinks then you are in a very different position to a brand new site just getting started.

All the information the tool uses is freely available online elsewhere (via AdWords, Google Searches, Moz DA toolkit, online keyword analysers). However our tool lets you enter hundreds of keywords and have all this information combined in one place without any further effort. One thing to note if you do search on a lot of keywords it may take a while for all the data to come back, we do trawl a huge amount of information to generate these results. So it's best to input your keywords and come back an hour later. You don't need to remain logged in or keep your browser open, the tool keeps running on our servers and you can log in later to see the results.

We hope you find this useful. It's certainly a very useful tool for us when starting out an SEO campaign for a client, and we've got a lot of great results from targeting green and amber targets (even a few red targets if your site is already well SEO optimised on-site). If you'd like us to give you any help choosing key phrases, or analysing the results then of course please give us a call  01509 852 188 .

You can find the tool, and links to our other free online marketing tools by clicking here.

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