Get the SEO fundamentals right
29 September 2016

Get the SEO fundamentals right

SEO doesn't have to be hard. There are some fundamental techniques and practices which can set you on the path to better Google rankings. While the rules that Google uses to rank sites are changing all the times, the tips below will always help you improve your ranking position, as they for the basis of any good SEO strategy.

1. Content Is King

The most important thing that Google is looking for on your website is new and relevant content. New content should be added to your site regularly (for example via a blog). The content should be relevant in that is should be about your products, services, customers and business.

When it comes to writing content some people get worried about ensuring they get all the right keywords in the right volume. Our advice here is don't worry, just write content you think your visitors and customers will find interesting and useful and the keywords will take care of themselves.

2. Don't Overuse Keywords

Related to our last point above, worrying about keywords and stuffing them into your content in an unnatural way will do more harm than good. Google is very good at spotting keyword stuffing. Of course it's great to be aware of the keywords you want to target so you can regularly create content around those keywords, but don't litter your keywords through your site at random thinking you can fool Google. You can't!

3. Title & Metadata

As well as your on-page content Google looks carefully at a page's Title & Metadata. These are hidden values that are on the page but not generally seen by visitors (the title is visible in the browser tab, but not on the page itself). Use descriptive and helpful titles - and ensure they accurately reflect the content of the page. But again - don't keyword stuff.

4. Site Speed

This one is becoming more important as more and more users switch to mobile. Make sure your site is running on a decent hosting platform and that images are correctly sized to save as much bandwidth as possible. Google will penalise sites that run unusually slowly.

5. Link Building

Getting other sites to link back to your website is a key part of any SEO strategy. However it's important to acquire relevant links and build a natural link profile. Going out and buying thousands of low quality links will get you hit with a Google penalty. So it's important to put on new links at a natural rate, use a range of site types and qualities, and link to various pages on your site - not always the home page.

Of course there is a lot more you can do to help improve your rankings, but getting these basics right will lay the foundation for a sustainable and long term improvement in your site's performance. 

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