Webfuel moves into the cloud
15 August 2015

Webfuel moves into the cloud

We have moved into the cloud. Our content management system (CMS) which runs our client sites now runs 100% within Microsoft's Azure cloud hosting environment.  All our other hosted web applications are following along soon. This move brings a number of great advantages for our clients.

Firstly as you'd expect from a company such as Microsoft their cloud data centres offer outstanding performance. Sites running on our CMS now load quicker and run faster. Both of these are great not only from a customer satisifaction point of view but also for Search Engine Optimisation as faster page loading times contributes to a better search engine ranking.

Secondly cloud hosting allows us to auto-scale our servers to cope with high demand. If your site is suddenly very busy, perhaps you just launched a new marketing campaign, or you were mentioned on another popular website, our CMS can now automatically spin up additional servers to deal with sudden spikes in demand. This service is completely transparent, and free to all our customers running on our platform.

Cloud hosting has brought a huge amount of benefit to our business, and it can almost certainly do that same for yours. If you've got legacy systems running on leased or in-house servers then now is the time to consider the benefits and cost savings that migrating these applications to the cloud can bring. We'd be more than happy to discuss how we can help use our knowledge of cloud architecture and migrations to help.


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