Internet Explorer could soon be a thing of the past
12 January 2016

Internet Explorer could soon be a thing of the past

As of January 12th 2016 Microsoft will officially stop supporting Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 on most operating systems. This is the biggest step yet towards phasing out Internet Explorerer entirely and moving users onto Microsoft's modern web browser - Edge. 

What this means for users of these browsers is that Microsoft will no longer be issuing security updates or patches for them. While they will continue to work anyone using them will be exposing themselves to a high level of risk from online attack. If you are currently using one of these browsers you are strongly advised to move immediately to Internet Explorer 11, or another browser such as Chrome/Firefox. 

The speed with which Microsoft has moved to drop support for these browsers is quite surprising. However it reflects the move across the web industry in general to embrace the new HTML 5 standards and reject any browsers which aren't largely compliant with this standard.

Standards compliance allows designers and developers to create more complicated and functional websites without having to spend a large portion of the development time dealing with issues raised by non-compliant browsers.


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