Supercharge your Google Analytics
12 April 2015

Supercharge your Google Analytics

We should all be using Google Analytics to track visitors to our websites.  It's as simple as registering with Google and pasting a short piece of tracking code into the header of your web page.

This simple step then gives you access to an enormous wealth of information on your visitors.  Which pages are they looking at, how long are they staying on your site, what country are they from, what browser are they using, are they new visitors or returning visitors and so on.

However many sites leave it at that and miss out on much more that Google Analytics can offer. 

Adwords Analytics

If you make use of Google Adwords you can link your Adwords account with your Analytics account so that you can track the analytics data for specific Adwords campaigns and keywords.  This can tell you far more about the success of your Adwords campaign than just its click-through-rate. For example you can see which ads/keywords lead to visitors staying for longest on your site and then you can focus your spend on Adwords accordingly.

Goal Setting

Do you have a contact form on your website? If so you can set a goal on Google Analytics that tracks every time someone completes the form. You can then drill in to the other analytics data around just the visitors that filled in your form.  For example you can find out how many pages visitors generally look at before filling in the form,  which page they tend to enter the site on,  which keywords they searched on.  It's like a detailed 'how did you find us' report on your form, but without your visitor needing to provide any additional information.

E-commerce Analytics

If you have any sort of e-commerce functionality on your site you can link your sales to your analytics account and as a result get accurate data on the actual monetary value of your adwords campaigns or your search engine positions.  This kind of business intelligence can be amazingly useful when it comes to targeting your limited online marketing budget.

These are just a few of the possiblities a well integrated and focused Google setup can bring.  Webfuel are experts in navigating the plethora of possiblities that the various Google tools (Analytics, Adwords, Webmaster Tools etc) have to offer.  

If you woud like to talk to us about your website and your online marketing strategy or analytics strategy please give us a call.

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