Create & Edit Images in Webfuel CMS
16 May 2016

Create & Edit Images in Webfuel CMS

You can now create new images, and edit existing images from within the Webfuel CMS. We have integrated with the popular PicMonkey image editing service to bring advanced image editing from the comfort of your own file manager.

To get started with integrated image editing just right click on an image within file manager and select Edit from the popup menu. This will open the image within the PicMonkey software.

PicMonkey comes with a huge range of image editing tools including:

  • Crop, rotate & scale
  • Effects & filters (e.g. sharpen, colour adjust)
  • Add text to images
  • Frame images
  • Add textures, overlays and themes
  • Retouching (e.g. red-eye remover, wrinkle remover, lip tint etc)
  • Much, much more...

Once an image has been edited you can save it back to your website with the click of a button.

Have fun creating and editing your images from any browser, without the need for any desktop software.

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