Improve your Social Media with Image Posts
02 January 2016

Improve your Social Media with Image Posts

Social Media is about engaging people. People are looking for unique and interesting content to read and share. Most users of social media only spend a few minutes on each session. They scan feeds quickly and will move on if they don't find anything that immediately grabs their attention. Because of this you need a way to clearly distinguish your feed from all the others, and get your message across in seconds.

Image Posts to the Rescue

A picture is worth a thousand words and when you only have seconds to grab a user's attention the right image can get your message across and cause a user to stay longer on your feed.

Graphic posts are also highly sharable. They help tell your story in a succinct way which makes others more likely to want to repost them. A well designed image can also generate a strong emotional response which causes people to react to your message far more strongly than to a simple text post.

According to Twitter image posts have a 35% higher boost in retweets. Instagram, which is predominantely an image based platform now has more users than Twitter, and rising. It's clear that users love pictures, and love sharing them.

Make Image Posting Easy

If you're good with simple art packages then creating image posts is very easy. However not everyone has access to these kinds of software, or is familiar with how to use them well. That's where our free social media marketing tools can help. Our free social media marketing platform includes an innovate image post creator that allows you to mix images and text using a range of templates. These posts can then be scheduled to post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn either immediately or at a future time.

Measure for Success

As with any marketing strategy, online or offline, it's important to measure the success of the strategy to make sure you're focussing your efforts in the right areas. If you're linked your social media feeds up to analytics tools then this should be fairly straightforward to do. You can then see the impact your image posting has on your feeds in terms of increased views, likes and shares. If you haven't yet got analytics for your social media feeds this is another area our social media marketing platform can help.

If you'd like to discuss this or any other social media marketing strategies then please give us a call on  01509 852 188 .

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