Webfuel partner with Olark for real time customer chat
25 November 2017

Webfuel partner with Olark for real time customer chat

Webfuel are pleased to announce our partnership with Olark, for live customer chat. By integrating your website with Olark you can chat in real time with your website visitors.

One of the biggest factors in website bounce rates, particularly e-commerce sites, is that customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time and with accuracy. If a customer gets confused, or is unsure which particular product or service they want to buy, they may just click away and be gone forever.

With live chat a business can provide visitors with a convenient way to ask questions which can have a significant impact on your website's conversion rate (the rate at which visitors convert into paying customers).

There are many reasons why you should integrate live chat into your website - a few examples are:

Live chat gives you an edge. Integrating live chat can give you that all important edge over your competitors. Many businesses are still not providing live chat facilities and if your site does so you can immediately distinguish yourself from the competition in that regard.

Live chat eases customer pain points. Most customers who abort part way through a purchase do so because of a pain point, sometimes this can be techincal and related to the website, but far more often it is related to concerns over whether your product or service meets their needs. By providing a way to directly communicate with those customers you can ease them over those pain points and through to a successful sale.

Live chat saves you money. Live chat can reduce direct calls, and live chat operators can often service multiple chats simultaneously (not many people can talk on multiple phone lines at once). Even if you have infrequent chat requests an employee can often multi-task while monitoring and responding to live chat whereas a phone call tends to both take longer and demand the full attention of both parties.

There are lots of ways in which live chat can benefit most businesess - and we'd be delighted to talk over the possibilities with you in more detail if you think your website could benefit too.


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