Webfuel launch a bespoke time card collection and reporting system
09 February 2017

Webfuel launch a bespoke time card collection and reporting system

Webfuel have just launched a bespoke web based time card management system for a local Nottingham based engineering firm.

The system allows all employees to log in either from their work computers, or via their own computers or mobile phones, and input their weekly time cards. The system automatically tracks which employees need to fill in time cards and sends email reminders when they are overdue. 

The company can then run a range of reports on the input data, allowing them to break down time allocated by project, employee type or type of work being performed. The system also tracks individual projects and budgeted hours against those projects so reports of variance to budget can produced.

The web based application will generate savings in time required to input time card information, collate the data and produce reports as well as allow data to be stored for many years so that detailed historic reports can be run in the future (something that is very hard to do with a manual system or one based on older technologies). 

We have also provided hosting, backup and support for the entire solution in our cloud hosted infrastructure meaning that all the data is backed up every day to 6 different backup locations across 2 different data centres. 

This project is just phase I of an ongoing project to implement a range of bespoke business management and data collection tools in a comprehensive and easy to use web based solution.

If you have a business need to collect, control and report on employee time, or any other business data, please give us a call. We can build a solution to meet almost any business need, and the effectiveness of our solutions often means they pay for themselves in a very short space of time.



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