What is Google +1
30 November 2014

What is Google +1

Does your website take advantage of Google's latest trend, the +1?  If you have a website and you want to maximise your traffic you might want to start thinking about whether you should be implementing the +1.  Since Google came out with the concept it makes sense that it may eventually be given consideration in regards to Google rankings.

What is Google +1?

The +1 is similar to what Google buzz used to be.  It's a way that users can recommend content to others who are looking for quality content.  When someone comes across a website, article or even a link on a Google search that they like they can click the +1 button.

When a +1 button is clicked it turns blue so the user knows they have clicked it. When other people come across the content they can see that it has been approved by other users. In order to +1 a site you do need to have a Google account, but it is free to get one.

The Google +1 concept builds on the idea of the social web. We share content with our friends when we think they will find it interesting or relevant. Things can go viral by just a few people sharing something they enjoy with others.

Benefits of Google +1

The main benefit of adding a Google +1 button to your pages is that you are giving your visitors a chance to promote your site for you.  People love to be able to interact on line and to be experts. If you have content that your visitors are going to want to share with their friends then adding a Google +1 to your site can be a great way to tap in to that free publicity.  

Many websites already make it easy to share content via Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon.  Google +1 is another way to allow users to share your pages, and because it's by Google it is also possible that the amount of +1s your site gains may influence your search engine rankings in the future.

Even before Google start to use +1s in their ranking algorithms, the +1 can still have a beneficial impact on your Google traffic.  Google already show the number of +1s a site has gained in their listings. Would most users be likely to choose a site with only a few +1s or a site with hundreds of +1s - even if it's a few places lower in the rankings?


Google +1 is certainly something that shouldn't be ignored.  Many sites could benefit from some fairly simple changes to incorporate a +1 button into their content.  If you'd like to discuss how Webfuel can help you make the necessary improvements to your website then please give us a call.


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