Webfuel introduce dynamic site scaling
18 September 2015

Webfuel introduce dynamic site scaling

Webfuel are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature available by default to all customers on our cloud hosted content management system. Dynamic site scaling. This feature automatically increases the number of servers running your website if it experiences an increase in visitors. 

For example if your site is mentioned on a popular blog, or you run a new advertising campaign, your site traffic may suddenly spike to many times the usual level of traffic.  With Webfuel's CMS we detect this increase in traffic and seamlessly spin up additional servers and CPU cores to cope with the demand. Once the demand has subsided these servers are released back into the unallocated pool.

Older hosting arrangements often involve the use of a fixed number of servers (usually 1) which works fine most of the time, but can easily fail at the critial moments that your site gets a large influx of visitors. With Webfuel's dynamic site scaling on our cloud based hosting you won't lose sales or leads at these crucial times. Our service will grow as your site grows. 

Site scaling is a 100% free service as part of our overall cloud based hosting packages. If your site receives large fluctuations in demand, or you just want to be ready in case one of your marketing campaigns goes viral, the please give us a call.


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