Harness the power of the Google Display Network
31 March 2015

Harness the power of the Google Display Network

Most website owners nowadays know about Google Adwords, and how they can use it to put their adverts at the top of the Google search listings.  But not everyone is familiar with the Google Display Network, which can be used to put your advert on other websites.

The Google Display Network is part of Adwords, but instead of displaying your advert just on search results you can have your advert shown on thousands of websites which have signed up to display adverts for the network.  Your adverts are targeted at websites which are showing content related to your search terms which helps to target the ads at people that are most likely to be interested.

You can advertise on the Google Display Network in  a variety of formats and sizes with text ads, static and animated image ads, rich media and video ads.  The adverts will be displayed across the entire range of web enabled devices including desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

As with other Adwords campaigns Google gives you detailed control over your budget and how you target the ads including:

  • Contextual Targeting - targeting ads based on keywords on the same page 
  • Placement Targeting - targeting ads to specific sites, or specific pages
  • Geographic and Language targeting - targeting ads based on the location or language settings of the viewer
  • Remarketing - targeting customers who have already visited your site

You can manage the costs of your campaign using the usual cost-per-click and daily budget tools that you already use for Adwords.  As you'd expect you get detailed analysis of where your adverts are being shown and how many clicks you are getting.  This allows on-going refinement of your campaign to maximise the return on your budget.

On the flip side, if you have a site which is getting a lot of traffic you can generate revenue by signing up to show ads that relate to the content of your site.  This is known as AdSense. You can show adds in specific areas of your pages, or allow Google to add hyperlinks directly to words in the content of your page.  

If you would like to discuss how Google advertising, Adwords, Google Display Network or AdSense could add value to your website please give us a call.

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