Newsletter Campaign Tips
11 August 2014

Newsletter Campaign Tips

Many clients have found our Campaign Manager software an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with their suppliers, contacts and leads.  Here we share some of our tips on producing an effective newsletter campaign.

1. The Subject Line and Sender

All email browsers will display the email subject line and sender. If these aren't right then your carefully crafted campaign could be sent straight into Deleted Items! It's important to grab the attention of the recipient without appearing too much like a hard sales pitch.

Successful subject lines set out a compelling headline offer such as a discount offer, a free trial or a new product. Subject lines like 'News from Company ABC' or 'Welcome to our 35th Newsletter' are less likely to grab a readers attention.

Make the Sender an easily recognisable name (e.g. Lucy Gaunt, or Webfuel) rather than an email address. This can make users less wary of the email as mosts email browsers will display emails from people in the sender's address book in a similar way.

2. The Content

It's very easy to try to stuff far too much content into a newsletter, particularly if you don't send them out very often.  It's important to remember that your newsletter is competing for the attention of the reader along with everything else in their inbox. If your recipients are generally at work they probably have far better things to do than read your news.

Think of your newsletter as a 10 second sales pitch.  Keep the message simple, clear and most importantly brief.

3. The Design

The design and layout of a newsletter is critical to maximising the impact. It should be designed with the width and capabilities of modern email browsers in mind. Try not to overload a newsletter with messages. Keep the design clean and simple so that your key mesages aren't drowned out.

Many people will be reading their email on their mobile phone, so it's important to ensure the newsletter is built to display well on devices of different sizes.  This is done using something called Responsive Design which means that as the width of the screen is reduced the content automatically re-organises itself to fit within the available space.

4. The Analysis

One of the most overlooked aspects of newsletter campaigning is the post match analysis. It's important to review the performance of your campaign, so you can understand what worked and what didn't.

Do you know how many of your recipients opened the email, how many clicked on each link, how many viewed it on an iPad, how many emails bounced.  This is where a professional campaign system such as Webfuel's Campaign Manager is invaluable. 


Many of our clients find newsletter campaigns to be a very effective way of getting their message out to customers and leads.  There are pitfalls, but with the right message and the right tools it can pay dividends. If you would like to discuss how Webfuel could help you get up and running with professional newsletter campaigns please give us a call.

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