Microsoft's Open Source Revolution
31 May 2015

Microsoft's Open Source Revolution

The world of open source software is experiencing a revolution. Traditionally open source has been the domain of the newcomer to the software market, or restricted to the worlds of Linux / Apache servers.

But more recently the big boys have been getting in on the open source act. Webfuel have always based our solutions on Microsoft technologies. But Microsoft, like all major software developers have often followed a closed source model. This is now changing. The latest version of the .net framework that Webfuel build our solutions on is going to be 100% open source. Similarly the web framework we use ( is also being 100% open sourced.

Many major software developers are finally realising the benefits of moving to a 100% open source model. It engages developers to use a company's product. It encourages trust and openess about the product. Most importantly it allows a product to leverage the support and input of thousands of users who review and improve the code.



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