Webfuel Template Website Process
28 January 2016

Webfuel Template Website Process

When we undertake a template website build our process is a little different to a bespoke web design process. This blog post covers the steps we go through for a template website design & build process, from conception to launch.

Step 1: Content Acquisition

The first step in a free website build process is to understand the content that is going to go into the website. Most importantly the copy (i.e. text) that will go on every page. If you already have a website that you are looking to replace then we can take the content directly from this site. However if this is a new website then you can provide the content in a Word document, or other text format. If you have images from your business that you want us to use we also need these to be provided so we can incorporate them into the build.

Step 2: Design & Customisation

Once we have the content for the website, we will review design and customisation options with you. Our template website design process is very flexible. We can mix and match elements of different designs and customise designs based on your branding. This is the most important stage of the process where we make sure we fully understand what you want from your new website, and make sure the content that we have will work within the design itself.

Step 3: Setup & Build

Next we setup the new site and populate it with all your content. If there are images in the design you can replace these with your own images, or we can choose other images from various free image libraries. We can also source images from paid image libraries such as the 31 million image Bigstock library which is integrated directly into our CMS.

Step 4: Final Review & Launch

Once all content is added to the site and the site has been fully reviewed and signed off we will launch the site and ensure that it is setup with search engines, Google analytics tracking code and webmaster tools as required.

Step 5: Post Launch Services

Once a site is launched we can offer a range of post launch services as required from content generation to search engine optimization campaigns. As our template sites are built within our cloud based content management system we can extend them later as required including adding more features such as taking payments online.

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