Webfuel launch bespoke product and image management system
22 September 2017

Webfuel launch bespoke product and image management system

We have just launched a bespoke designed and built product and image management system for a local Nottingham based photography company. The company specialises in photographing products for large online retaliers such as Next and Dunelm, and the company was previously using a range of separate systems such as Google Docs, Excel, and email to manage and track the location of products and digital photographs.

Webfuel have built a system which brings all the product and image data together in one place. A centralised web based catalogue of all products including all the details required by management and photographers, along with an integration directly into Dropbox allowing photographers to upload images of up to several hundred megabytes at a time.

The platform has already streamlined and automated a lot of previously manual and error prone tasks. For example shipping notes from retailers can be automatically uploaded into the site and generate product records whereas previously this kind of information had to be manually transcribed between documents.

Further benefits over the previous manual system include:

  • new management reports that give accurate and up to the second information that was previously impossible to produce quickly
  • the ability to assign products to individuals to ensure responsibility for tasks is clear, along with email notifications and reminders
  • fully robust backup and restore available with the solution being hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud hosting platform

All our web based software is developed using 100% open source tools and frameworks, and you will own your own code and be able to take it with you to other developers or host it yourself if preferred. 

If you have a business process which you think could benefit from being streamlined, automated or controlled by a fully tailored web based solution then please give us a call. 


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