Webfuel Website Support Packages
19 April 2016

Webfuel Website Support Packages

A website support package is a commitment from us to spend a fixed number of hours per month working on your website. Improving the look, functionality and search engine rankings of the website. At Webfuel we spend many hours a month working on our own websites and projects, often just with the aim of trying to find improvements in conversion rates or experiment with new features that could attract new visitors.

When you have your own website, but your business isn't web design, it's hard to find the time to spend on simply looking for ways to improve your site. A support package is similar to hiring your own web developer, but just for a few hours a month. Of course if you have specific goals or changes you are looking to make on your site our support time can be spent working directly on those. But you don't need to have a specific change in mind. We can work independently on your website to proactively look for improvements.

Your site doesn't even have to have been built by us. We can offer support packages for sites written in any of the major content management systems. 

If you're not looking for a complete site rebuild, but just want someone to be able to spend time regularly improving your website, then a support package may be the best way forward. As a support package involves a fixed monthly commitment of hours our rates are lower than for ad-hoc work, so it can save you money too.

If you'd like to know more about our support package offering, or discuss any other aspect of web design, please give us a call on  01509 852 188 .

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