Responsive E-Commerce
31 July 2015

Responsive E-Commerce

With an estimated 45% of all web browsing now happening on mobile devices it has never been more important to ensure that your e-commerce site is mobile responsive. If your e-commerce framework is not mobile friendly you are quite literally turning away customers.

Making an e-commerce website mobile friendly requires a little bit more thought than a simple brochure site. For a start e-commerce websites tend to need to show more complicated information than just plain text and images. Pricing details, multiple product images, selectable variations and product options all need to be built into the responsive template so that they work well for visitors on all devices.

Then there is the checkout process, arguably one of the most critical parts of any e-commerce website. This too must be tuned to render clearly on all devices so that visitors aren't put off once they get into this stage of the process. In particular this stage is about presenting the order details clearly and easily, and getting delivery and billing details from the customer using simple and easy to follow steps. 

Finally the payment gateway should be selected so that it to offers a simple to navigate mobile experience. Far too many payment gateways still focus predominantly on desktop visitors. But some such as PayPal and Stripe are highly mobile optimised and just switching to a gateway that works well on mobiles could result in a significant boost in conversions.

Webfuel have extensive experience in designing and delivering mobile friendly large e-commerce sites. For example we recently launched a new version of the RAL Display Marketing website fully optimised for mobile, supporting 100's of products, all professionaly displayed across the entire spectrum of devices.

If you're not sure that your website is maximising the potential for mobile sales, or you'd just like to consider a redesign or increase in the functionality that your site offers, please give us a call.

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