Startup Template Websites
03 March 2016

Startup Template Websites

Not everyone wants a custom designed website, or has the budget for it initially. Sometimes you just want something simple, off-the-shelf, setup quickly and easily. If that's what you're looking for then maybe our startup template websites are for you.

Our template websites are not "build your own" in the sense of WiX or Moonfruit. We think getting your business idea off the ground is hard enough without having to learn how to build your own website at the same time. Our template process is different, and you will be fully supported from the start of the process, through to the launch of the website and beyond.

We host our startup template websites in WordPress, the common and popular entry-level CMS. The start of the process is to pick your template. Here you aren't limited to some small set of options we have designed, we can take any template from any of the major template websites and set it up for you. We really like Template Monster and Theme Forest as they have literally thousands of well designed and well built templates ready to go.

Once you've found the perfect template, you just need to tell us which it is and we will buy a licence for you and set it up on our cloud based WordPress hosting. If you want to change images we can change the images to images you provide, or we can source images on iStockPhoto. We also setup up to 10 pages of content. So all you need to provide us with are any images you want to use, and copy in a Word or text file.

Above all our aim is to make the process of getting your first website up and running as smooth and painless as possible. You will have a login to the WordPress admin panel so you can edit and add pages, or stories to your blog, from any web browser. You can also upload new images and documents at any time.

We host the site within our could based Wordpress hosting which is fast and flexible. You get daily backup of any changes you make to the site, and business hours phone/email support for any questions using the site or WordPress itself. 

If you need other services such as purchasing or setting up a domain name, setting up professional email on your own domain name, website marketing or search engine optimisation then of course we can help there too. 

So if you are looking to setup a new business or website and a quick, cost-effective and painless way of getting online please give us a call on  01509 852 188 .


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