Link Building for SEO Success
01 November 2017

Link Building for SEO Success

Link building is still one of the key factors in SEO success. When Google or other search engines are analysing your site to determine its SEO rankings one of the key factors that they consider is the number and quality of sites that have links back to your website. This is because popular and authoritative sites will naturally have a lot of other sites that link back to them. The analysis of links is the original basis on which Google's Page Rank algorithm worked, and in this age of social factors, reviews and referrals the fact is having a lot of quality backlinks still boosts a site's rankings more than any other single metric.

Of course if your site is the most popular and authoritative site on your target subjects, you will naturally attract a large number of backlinks. However the big question is what to do if your site is still in its relative infancy, and looking to become the most popular? This is where SEO backlink generation comes in. 

With backlink generation an SEO company (such as Webfuel) will produce and place blog content that contains a backlink to your site on external blogs - creating a backlink. In the industry this is known as "content placement".

It's important to use content placement carefully and you may want to consider this service as part of a wider SEO strategy. With our content placement service we are careful to target a wide range of target blogs and ensure that all links are naturally weaved into the blog content. This ensures your site will get the full benefit of this backlink in boosting your SEO rankings.

The best approach for external content placement can vary widely depending on your current SEO situation, the age and type of your website, and the kind of results you want to achieve. If you'd like to discuss how blogger outreach could help your business please give us a call.

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