Time for a Logo Redesign?
01 January 2016

Time for a Logo Redesign?

How do you know when it is time for a logo redesign? The first and most obvious thing to consider is when was your logo designed? Is it a recent design, or have you been using the same logo for 10 years? Your logo is one of your strongest marketing tools and keeping it fresh and on trend sends an important message about your business.

Logo Design Trends

Just like fashion and hairstyles, logo designs follow certain trends over time. One of the main features of current logo designs is simplicity. This is driven by the changing nature of the internet. Companies are advertising on a range of different media, often on mobile devices, or on Facebook/Twitter, as well as on their own websites. Highly complex and detailed designs often don't translate well to these different media as the logo will be resized/scaled to fit the various sites.

Here are some examples of how logo designs have been simplified and made more "mobile friendly" over time:

As you can see there has been a steady trend towards simpler cleaner designs. If your logo was designed some time ago perhaps it's worth considering if it is clean and simple enough to translate to mobile devices and social media. Is it instantly recognisable and impactful like the simple designs above or is it starting to look over complex, fiddly and cluttered?

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