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If you want to have email on your own domain name you need someone to host that email for you. Webfuel offer an email hosting service that scales to any number of mailboxes you need. Our email service includes generously sized mailboxes, webmail access and integrated virus scanning as standard.

Core Features

  • Custom mailboxes. Get professional with email@your-domain.
  • Generous 25GB storage per mailbox. This is a very large mailbox that you will have a tough time filling up.
  • Unlimited aliases. Set up as many additional email addresses as you like and point them to your mailbox.
  • Up to 50MB attachments. We're not advising you should send emails that large, but if you need to, we can handle it.
  • Premium Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filters. Three independent scanning layers help to keep your inbox safe and clean from span.
  • Secure IMAP/POP connection. Connect to your mailbox from any email enabled device including Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail and mobile phones.
  • User friendly webmail. Access and send email from any browser, any time, anywhere.
  • Webmail shared contacts and calendar. Share contacts and calendar between business colleagues using webmail.
  • Custom email filtering. Set up custom email rules to redirect messages wherever your want.
  • Domain aliases. Have more than one domain? You can have email for multiple domains in one maibox.

Additional Features

  • Migration service. If you have existing mailboxes we can migrate any email on your existing server using a secure and reliable migration tool.
  • Email archiving. We can add unlimited archiving of historic emails. With unlimited storage you keep all your emails backed up on our server, forever.
  • Mobile Sync. We can enable real time email (push), calendar and contact syncing for your iPhone or Android.

If you'd like to discuss you email hosting requirements in more detail please give us a call on  01509 852 188 . 

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