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Email campaigns can be a highly effective technique for marketing or communicating with existing clients. It is important to choose the right platform to maximise the return from your investment.

Campaign Manager is an industry leading e-newsletter campaign platform. We can design and build an email template that will be compatible with all major email browsers (including mobiles) and incorporate this template into the software. Campaign Manager then enables you to create any number of email campaigns based on your templates, populating them with stories, images and personalisation details taken from your mailing list.

The software keeps track of all opens, bounces, clicks and unsubscribes, automatically feeding this information back in to your mailing list so you remain compliant with anti-spam legislation and don't waste money sending emails to invalid or unreachable addresses.

Campaign Manager includes comprehensive reporting so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and drill down to individual recipients to see what campaigns they have opened and which links they clicked.

We can feed signup requests from your website directly into your mailing lists. We can also automatically populate your sent campaigns onto a page on your website so they can be read online by your website visitors.

Sending email is easy, but getting the most from a large e-newsletter campaign can only be achieved if you choose the right tool for the job. 

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